The Alhambra

The monumental ensemble of the Alhambra and Generalife Gardens constitutes one of the most visited inherited places in the world. It is, with no doubt, the best international reference for Granada and its symbol of identity.

El Albaicín

El Albaicín has been declared a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. It is an ancient area from the Muslim period of Granada. As early as 756, the Arabian population of Granada was divided into two quarters, the Albaicín and the Alhambra.

This quarter has still its old urban scene from the Nazari period, with narrow and steep streets. At the top of the hill, you can find the view point Mirador de San Nicolás, where you can enjoy wonderful views to the Alhambra. It is also a fantastic place to go for tapas in its bars and terraces.


La Alpujarra is a small corner of Granada which still preserves, almost intact, its whitewashed houses and its terrace farming. It is a land of contrasts, with towns hugging the contours of the mountains and an incredible scenery.

This district is seen as a distinctive place, with a markedly rural character that is, at the same time, open and welcoming, used to receiving visitors from all over. As well as being the perfect place to rest and relax, there is also a wide range of hiking routes to experience nature at first hand.

The Lecrin Valley

The Lecrin Valley is the ancient way that connected Granada city with the Alpujarra and the Tropical Coast. It is a very sunny area, protected from northern winds thanks to the mountains of Sierra Nevada, which work as a wall. This kind of weather makes citrus fruits and olive trees grow up and create a wonderful landscape

History seems to have stopped in this place, where water flows for free by its streets and houses are as white as snow.

The Wetland of Padul

The wetland of Padul is a Bird Conservation Area, and it has also been declared Wetland of International Importance by the Ramsar Convention. Just 500 metres far from the town centre, it is a land included in the area of Sierra Nevada. It gives shelter to more than 160 different bird species through the year, what makes it one of the most interesting wetlands in the South of Europe. Numerous mammoth fossils have been found in this surroundings, fact that turned the mammoth into the symbol of this town.

The Nature Classroom El Aguadero offers guided routes around the wetland and birds ringing workshops. You can also enjoy by your own the Route of the Mammoth (Ruta del Mamut), the only route path in the province that is adapted to disable people.

The Ski Station

Both the ski station and the hills of Sierra Nevada take an essential part in the tourism offer of Granada. They are also an international reference for the snow tourism. Their privileged situation lest you enjoy a wonderful weather while practicing winter sports or contemplating nature.

Santa Clara Golf

Santa Clara Golf, in the village of Otura (Granada), has become the main golf course in the city of the Alhambra. You can enjoy up to 18 amazing holes in contact with nature and wonderful views to Sierra Nevada.